1. Anita Krull, Ed.D. (Dallas Independent School District). Dr. Krull wrote:
"…Robert worked in our district as a consultant to Silberstein Elementary school. He provided consultation services to our school improvement team; served as an on site mentor for the principal; designed a school management plan; identified staff development needs; team building; served as the leader of the Area 8 Collaborative Team for Silberstein…" Further, "…his work was so successful a second semester contract was awarded to assure continued success of the school."

2. Barbara Dorff, Social Studies Instructional Specialist, Dallas ISD, Texas State Teacher of the Year, 2002. Ms. Dorff wrote:
"… Mr. Jaime recognizes with exactness both the strengths and the deficiencies of each teacher or department. He was able to promptly procure a program, person or training to help solve the issue. He was especially competent when it came to clarifying what needs to be addressed for the person who will be delivering the remedial instruction. It seemed that no task seemed too menial, or too daunting. His helpful, cheerful attitude was easy to work with."

1. Dr. Shirley Kane Lewis, Dean School of Arts & Sciences – Aquinas College wrote:
"…your course evaluations demonstrate your ability to provide fine teaching/learning environment and the mutual respect between you and your students…" Further they indicate " …your commitment to our students and passion for your area of expertise."

2. Ms. M. Janell Dennis, Supervisor, Flint Community Schools. Ms. Dennis wrote:
"…Michaele developed and has implemented a pilot project aimed at training teachers to search out techniques to help students direct their energies to the education program. She has presented workshops on alternative techniques to keep students on task." Further more, …"she maintains high standards when consulting, evaluating and working on teams."

3. Sandra Buckley, Longfellow Elementary School Principal. Ms. Buckley wrote:
"…Dr. Jaime developed a Curriculum Based Measurement Project to provide curriculum guidance to teachers. Data of each student’s progress and teacher accountability are the main outcomes of our CBM project. The project encompassed the evaluation of 380 students on CBM tests designed by Dr. Jaime in all academic task areas three times per year. Our teachers were enlightened by the information and gained insight into students progress for intervention…"

3. Heidi Jones, Parent. Ms. Jones wrote:
"…Dr. Jaime worked with me as a parent advocate. She helped me to understand my son's disability while providing me with different teaching options. I am proud to say that he has made great progress due in part to Dr. Jaime's advice. In fact, he has been on the honor roll twice already!"

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